We have always endeavoured to keep our tarrifs reasonnable as possible, indeed prices have not increased for several years. If our fees are not too high, then you can afford to go away for a weekend or a holiday and we get to board your animals more often . It makes good sense !

The tarrifs indicated here are inclusive of vat and food provided by yourselves.

Categories Price (€)
Large dogs > 10 kg 14 € per day
Samll dogs < 10 kg 13 € per day
Cats 12 € per day


If your animal requires extra care, eg medication - and he accepts this without being aggressive - we do not charge. However, for more complicated care, we must discuss the requirements and the suitability of a stay in kennels whilst needing the extra care.

Food provided by us:
A supplement of 1 euro per animal per day..
Heating : 2,5 euro per kennel per day


 If we have more than one of your animals at the same time and they share a kennel, then we apply a reduction of 1 € per animal per day.
 We do not offer a reduction for longer stays. However, an exception is made for stays caused by hospitalisation of the owner. Come and discuss your requirements and the options and terms available to you.

Calculation of price

We make a difference whether your animal stays with us for a short (from 1 up to 3 days) or long period (4 days or more).

Short stay : The price is based upon the number of days spent with us.

eg : your dog arrives saturday morning and leaves on monday morning. This equates to 2 1/2 days (each half-day is charged even if incomplete)

dayNb of days
Saturday 1
Sunday 1
Monday 0,5
total 2,5

Long stay : Stays of more than 3 days will be charged by the number of nights spent with us.

eg ; your dog arrives saturday afternoon and leaves the following friday. He spends 7 days with us but we charge you for 6 nights.

dayNb of days
Saturday 1
Sunday 1
Monday 0,5
Tuesday 1
Wednesday 1
Thursday 1
Friday 0
Total 6


First stay
Our philosphy is plain and simple. We fight against abandoned dogs. For this reason, we request that for your pets first stay with us all fees are payable in advance.

Known clients
Following this, and once the client is known to us, each reservation can be made simply by phone. For summer holidays we will ask 30% stay payment in advance.