We can accomodate up to 15 dogs and 4 cats at any one time. Each of the kennels is covered, spacious and all are individual though we do of course accommodate two animals together if desired when they come from the same home. Access to the enclosed garden area is provided for each animal without direct contact with another.

A pleasant environment...

Kennels are large

Your pets will be staying in a very pleasant environment as the photographs indicate. Each kennel is closed, covered and completely safe. However, they are light and airy, but also provide shade in the sumer months.

Exercise garden

To go to the kennels, let’s follow the path

Every animal has a turn in our relaxing garden, which is secured and shaded by apple trees. They never come into contact with other animals except those from the same family who choose to board together.

Daily routine

Simple et confortable !

Our day always starts with a thorough cleaning of each kennel. Rigourous cleaning with jets of water and brushing are always employed. During these procedures we take the opportunity of checking that all is well with your pet. We observe his mood, his appetite, his digestion and general well being.

At lunchtime, we do another visit, refill water bowls and again check that all is well.

Late, a walk in the garden before his evening meal.